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  • What Is The Emerging Scholars Program?

    The Emerging Scholars Program is a Clemson University outreach program that specifically targets students from public high schools in three counties in the low country region of South Carolina. Designed to increase the number of students who attend and graduate from college, this three-year program begins in the summer after the students complete ninth grade and works with them until they graduate from high school and enter college. During this first summer, the students spend seven days here on our campus. In addition to focusing on reading, writing and mathematics, the residential experience includes academic evaluations, physical challenge activities to enhance self-confidence, collaborative learning exercises and detailed orientation about the college experience. Contact with the students is maintained all year through correspondence, email and a series of school visits.

    The following summer, these students will return to campus, this time for two weeks, and we build on the learning from the past year. In their third summer – after they have completed eleventh grade – they come back to Clemson for three weeks. This time is devoted to a realistic simulation of the first three weeks of college for a new freshman. The students are "enrolled" in 5 mini-courses – English, math, a social science, a laboratory science, and art. The courses are taught by Clemson faculty. In addition to the daily classes, the students attend nightly activities, and learn about college life at Clemson. As a program advisor, you will be leading small group discussions, assisting in the registration process, and sharing your own college experience and traditions with the students. Emerging Scholars is an educational, fun, work-intensive experience that will prove both very rewarding and very demanding. You will greatly affect the lives of the participating students.

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    Required Qualifications:

    • Classified as a student at a university or college (preference given to upperclassman and graduate students) or a Spring 2012 college graduate
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Be available to work from 6/6/12 until 8/4/12 (with scheduled breaks- see dates)
    • Be willing to stay in the residence halls every night students are present (see dates)
    • Be available most evenings on dates students are present (see dates)
    • Some type of experience working with youth
    • A passion for working with high school students who need motivation and positive role models

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    Preferred Qualifications:
    • Experience working with youth in a summer camp setting
    • Emergency response experience on a college campus
    • Experience leading a group or class
    • An interest in working with low-income, first generation high school students
    • Knowledge of team builders and other group activities
    • Has a working cell phone that is able to be used for a limited amount of minutes for work purposes (number is not given to student participants) back to the top

    Job Responsibilities:
    • Attend and participate in all Program Advisor training sessions (see dates)
    • Serve as a mentor to students
    • Escort and participate in daily sessions students will attend
    • Serve as a leader and active participant at ES activities
    • Assist in the planning of student evening activities
    • Assist students with their homework assignments and evening enrichment assignments
    • Respond to emergencies that involve ES students or staff
    • Supervise students when they are in the residence halls during the day and at night
    • Lead and mentor a specific group of students with assistance from a co-leader
    • Keep in touch with the students via e-mail once they leave Clemson's Campus

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    • Significant leadership experience
    • Opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships with Clemson faculty, staff, and students
    • Single room in the residence halls (valued at approx. $900)
    • All meals while students are present (valued at approx. $700)
    • $3000 stipend paid in installments throughout the summer

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    Typical Day:
    Even though every day will be a little different, a typical day in the program consists of eating breakfast, escorting students to and from their morning classes, eating lunch, escorting students to their afternoon classes, eating dinner and then evening activities. There will be two shifts that will be split between the staff. Depending on your class schedule and preferences you can work the morning or afternoon shift. All staff members are expected to be available for evening activities which generally begin around 7pm. There will be a duty system so there will be nights when you are required to be on campus and nights when you can have free time. Weekend activities vary but it is expected that staff be available to help with sessions and trips. We do allow each staff member to take one summer course per session (not paid for by ES). However, this must be disclosed during your interview and will be taken into consideration when hiring decisions are made.

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    Timeline for 2012:
    • March 16: Applications due
    • March 26-March 30: PA interviews
    • April 2: PA decisions emailed to applicants
    • April 7: Deadline for applicants to accept or turn down offer
    • May TBA: Optional trip to the low country to meet students
    • June 5: PA housing available
    • June 6-June 12: PA Training 9am-5pm
    • June 13-June 21: Sophomore students (Cohort K) on campus
    • June 22-June 23: No students on campus (break)
    • June 24-July 14: Senior students (Cohort I) on campus
    • July 15-21: No students on campus (break)
    • July 22-Aug 4: Junior students (Cohort J) on campus
    • Aug. 5: PA housing ends

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    All interested, qualified students should turn in this completed application, an unofficial transcript, an updated resume and two recommendations by Friday, March 16th, 2012. Recommendations can be sent in separately. Applications may be faxed to 864-656-3182, emailed to lange@clemson.edu or you may personally deliver them to the Office of Access and Equity in 110 Holtzendorff. If you prefer, you can mail materials to:

    Emerging Scholars Program
    Office of Access and Equity
    110 Holtzendorf
    Clemson, SC 29634-5404

    All applicants who pass an initial application review will be contacted for an interview. Phone interviews will be conducted with applicants who are not located in the upstate. Second interviews will only be conducted if follow-up information is needed. Any questions should be sent to Amber Lange at lange@clemson.edu. Thanks for your interest in the position!.

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